Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Response to comments
Ok, I said I would not suppress comments, so I guess it would be now difficult to remove some of the things a Davide Simonetti is saying, but it may well turn out that legally I have to. His comment about Felicity Jane Lowde committing certain crimes does not seem to be substantiated, and if it turns out to be libelous, I have to comply with the law of the land and remove it.
Even if it is true, I may remove it for being off topic and damaging to this person, who is not really the object of our discussion anyway, most likely does not know about this blog, and is not in a position to defend herself from libel.
I suspect that Davide and Rachel and their gang have the advantage of age and time, my generation does not spend much time on the internet, and certainly not researching everyone else's mistakes. I like to use the internet to look things up and learn things. On that note, perhaps Rachel 'North' and Davide would like to look up the words 'beyzeh khaye' - and then stop acting like that. Learn to spend your time on tsedekah and you will be much more blessed.
Still not sure if it was either of you who went to such vicious lengths to defame Mr. Kollerstrom by putting him in a Nazi uniform, but I doubt you have the chutzpah to admit it if you did. Or was it Johnny 'Void'? Will someone come forward and admit their horrendous act?
Two other comments were intelligent, one coming from the US, where notsocuriousgeorge writes:
I live in the US and I have to admit that I'm beginning to see a disturbing pattern that bodes ill for Jews.
If the ultimate aim is to make Jews look bad these people are doing a bang up job...
I have to wonder whose side Rachel 'North's' are really on. I mean if I were a Jew hater and knew that a direct assault was impossible the next best tactic would be to change sides and push what appeared to be a Jewish agenda down evreryones throats until there was a backlash and a pissed off public did what I could not do.
I guess what I'm getting at is that with friends like Morris Dee and Rachel North Jews don't need enemies.

Thank you George, and just FYI there is an article in the Jewish Chronicle this week that stated the facts. It was careful to state only facts, I'm sure they were aware of the photoshopped images and the vile bile of the Rachel 'North' crowd, but they did not print those images or even mention 'North'. It has been around a long time that paper, and it has more important things to cover, such as the upcoming election, about which I might just make a comment and start a broiges here with many of my neighbours by saying I will not support Boris Johnson. I like Boris, and Red Ken, the incumbent, does not seem to like the likes of me, but if Boris gets in, the likes of me may have to get out, as he does not have any idea about affordable housing. I do not like Ken, but if he stays then I can stay. I can deal with him, even if there are parties out there photoshopping him in a Nazi uniform as well. He also has done much for public transportation, and that is a necessity here in London. He may not be so welcome in a shul these days, but he has never pretended to be the Kosher candidate, which Boris is playing so well - they are now out of salt beef and bagels in Finchley after his visit...We may never recover.
The other candidates have about as much chance as a snowball in hell. One is the Green candidate, and I do not just oppose her for their anti-Israel stance a few weeks ago, but because she, Sian Berry, is not berry good. She takes taxis around town as she lectures us about public transport!
We'll know by Friday who is in charge, stay tuned.



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